When I learned that my father had Alzheimers I was working on Psalm 97 - Psalm 100 was a relief in its joyful theme.

Ps.85"Thou has been..."

Ps.86"Bow down thine.."

Ps.87"His foundation is.."

Ps.88"..I have cried.."

Ps.89"I will sing of the.."

Ps.90".."Thou has been ..."

Ps.91"He that dwelleth.."

Ps.92"It is a good thing.."

Ps.93"The Lord reigneth.."

Ps.94"O Lord God .."

Ps.95"O come let us sing.."

Ps.96"O sing to the Lord.."

Ps.97"The Lord reigneth"

Ps.98"Sing unto the Lord"

Ps.99"The Lord reigneth.."

Ps.100"Make a joyful ..."