Psalm 83 came about as the Middle East wars were raging.

Ps.69"Save me O God.."

Ps.70"Make haste, O God"

Ps.71"In thee O Lord.."

Ps.72"Give the king thy.."

Ps.73"Truly God is good.."

Ps.74"O God, why has.."

Ps.75"Unto thee, God.."

Ps.76."In Judah is God.."

Ps.77"I cried unto God.."

Ps.78"Give ear, O my.."

Ps.79"O God the heathen"

Ps.80"Give ear Shepherd"

Ps.81"Sing aloud unto.."

Ps.82"God stands in..."

Ps.83"Keep not thou..."

Ps.84"How amiable are.."