The illustration for Psalm 55 was inspired by the church I attended in New York City -St. Ignatius.

Ps.49"Hear this all ye..."

Ps50"The mighty God.."

Ps51"Have mercy on me"

Ps.52"Why boastest thou"

Ps.53"The fool has said.."

Ps.54"Save me O God.."

Ps.55"Give ear to my..."

Ps.56"Be merciful unto.."

Ps.57"Be merciful unto .."

Ps.58 "Do you speak righteousness, O congregation?

Ps.59"Deliver me from .."

Ps.60"..thou has cast us.."

Ps.61"Hear my cry..."

Ps.62"My Soul waits.."

Ps.63"O God thou art my"

Ps.64"Hear my voice.."

Ps.65"Praise wait..."

Ps.66"Make a joyful.."

Ps.67"God be merciful.."

Ps.68"Let God arise.."