For Psalm 23 I chose to set it in the more difficult part of the Psalm - the valley of the shadow of death.  Psalms 21 & 22 are preludes to Psalm 23 which as a triptych mirror Christ's passion and death. The word "soul" is used in Psalm 25 several times and I focussed on the feminine origins of the word.

In Psalm 20, the verse "Some trust in chariots..." inspired me to set the illustration in a train station which is the start or finish of a journey in a chariot/machine. "We.... will  lift up our banners in the name of our God" is a call for a joyous act of a creative resurrection. Those trusting in the machine/chariot are brought to their knees and fall "but we rise up and stand firm" another metaphor on the risen Christ. This idea is illustrated by the central figure being lifted up into a heavenly circle.

Ps. 17 "Hear the right.."

Ps. 18. "I will love thee.."

Ps..19 "The heavens .."

Ps. 20 "The Lord hear.."

Ps.21. "The king shall.."

Ps.22 "My God, My God.."

Ps. 23 "The Lord is my.."

Ps.24 "The Earth is.."

Ps.25 "..I lift up my soul.."

Ps.26 "Judge me, O God.."

Ps. 27" The Lord is my.."

Ps.28"Unto Thee will I cry'

Ps. 29"Give unto the Lord"
Ps. 30"I will extol Thee.."

Ps. 31 "In I put.."

Ps32 "Blessed is he ..."!