Psalm 139 -The desperate attempts of humanity to escape the clutches of death are illustrated by the serpentine lines with God's presence both above and below in the eyes looking through the peep holes. This theme is continued in Psalm 140 in black ink to reflect a darker mood. The prayer to God "Deliver me!" is met by the arm of man straining towards the ray of light sent from Heaven. As the man struggles to escape the net of evil, his nemesis clutches his ankle.

Ps.137"By the waters of.."

Ps.138"I will praise Thee.."

Ps.139'Thou has searched

Ps.140"Deliver me O Lord

Ps.141"Lord I cry unto you

Ps.142"I cried unto the.."

Ps.143"Hear my prayer.."

Ps 144 "Blessed be the .." 

Ps.145"I will extol thee.."

Ps.146"Praise ye the Lord'

Ps.147"Praise ye the Lord

Ps.148"Praise ye the Lord

Ps.149"Praise ye the Lord

Ps.150"Praise ye the Lord