Humility and hope are the themes in psalm 131. The artist sits in the foreground observing the Madonna and Child. A woman kneeling in prayer, kneels not only at the feet of the Christ child but also at the feet of the vrucified Christ whose omnipresence dominates the scene. The golden hue of the illustration represents the peace quieting the soul of the psalmist, with the ray of Heaven's light emanating  from the birth and death of Christ.

Ps.117" Praise the Lord.."

Ps.118"Give thanks to.."

Ps.119"Blessed are the.."

Ps.120"In my distress.."

Ps.121"I will lift up mine.."

Ps.122"I was glad when.."

Ps.123"Unto thee lift up.."

Ps.124"If it had not..."

Ps.125"They that trust in"

Ps.126"When the Lord.."

Ps.127"Except the Lord..."

Ps.128"Blessed is every.."

Ps.129"Many a time .."

Ps.130"Out of the depths"

Ps.131"Lord my heart..."

Ps.131"Lord remember.."

Ps.133"Behold how good"

Ps.134"Behold, bless ye.."

Ps.135"Praise ye the Lord'

Ps.136"Give thanks unto"