Psalm 104 will be the basis for an environmental mural which I will be designing

Ps.101"I will sing of.."

Ps102"Hear my prayer.."

Ps.103"Bless the Lord.."

Ps.104"Bless the Lord.."

Ps.105"O give thanks to.."

Ps.106"Praise ye the.."

Ps.107"O give thanks.."

Ps.108"God my heart is.."

109 "Hold not Thy peace..."

Ps.110 "The Lord said to..."

Ps111 "Praise ye the Lord."

Ps112"Praise ye the Lord"

Ps.113"Praise ye the Lord'

Ps.114"When Israel went"

Ps115"Not unto us...."

Ps116"I love the Lord..."