The Psalms, for me as an artist,  have been a source of inspiration and encouragement in the visual expression of my responses to personal circumstances and events effecting society. The illustrations which I have done for the complete Book of Psalms have been a form of dynamic and open - visual prayer. They were done between 1997 and 2003 with revisions up to the present. 

Everyone coming to the Psalms will approach them in the light of their own experiences and spiritual journeys.  The words of the ancient text have been a voice for the people throughout the ages  in times of joy, sorrow, loneliness, and fear.  It is a dialogue  that gives us hope,  in the companionship of God's spirit and love. 

I have included thoughts about my illustrative approach to various Psalms along with my illustrations to the complete Book of Psalms.

Psalm 137   "By the waters of Babylon we sat down and wept"